Andros: The Home of Quality Screw Machine Products

At Andros Manufacturing Corporation, we are constantly keeping pace with the times. The latest endeavor in this direction is our brand new website that’s smarter, easier to navigate and highly user friendly. However, what hasn’t changed is our dedication to offering you quality products and services!

From tire pressure gauges to cable assemblies to air pressure attachments to valve assemblies, there are several places where you are likely to find a precisely engineered Andros product doing its job to perfection. Today, Andros Manufacturing Corporation meets the screw machine products requirements of markets including but not limited to automotive, aerospace, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic, military and more.

Our products feature several desirable traits, the most important of them being impeccable quality. We carry out operations such as thread-rolling, knurling, cross drilling, broaching, burnishing, tapping and cross tapping, thread cutting, and roll stamping with utmost precision. Each of our screw machine products is subjected to a stringent quality screening before it is approved for the packing stage. You can distinguish an Andros product from competitors’ products based on these very qualities.

Armed with 20 Davenport 5 spindle automotive screw machines and 4 Brown and Sharpe screw machines, we have a proven track record of honoring all types of emergency production runs. Besides, we are also equipped with a Davenport Chucker for short production runs and secondary operations. Some of our popular product lines include the N connector, F Connector and the PL-259 Connector.

Above and beyond screw machining operations we also offer secondary operations in plating services like anodizing, black oxide, copper, tin, nickel or zinc as well as many heat treating services. To learn more about our range of screw machine products and services, please visit