Try the Most Trusted N Connector for Industrial Applications

When it comes to an N connector, it is imperative to choose only the finest variety. After all, the quality of these modest components determines how well or badly your coaxial cables are being joined. And that in turn, would make or break the very application at hand. With enough knowledge of your quality concerns, we at Andros Manufacturing Corporation have put in our best technology, expertise and efforts to create what can be rated among the best N connectors available today. When you choose us, you are also choosing a legacy of excellence.

We would love to give you a lowdown of the features and benefits of our N connectors:

*Our N connector is equipped with weather-proofing gasket for some of your most demanding applications.

*Our components have a high usable frequency and impedance matched for high quality output.

*This component can fit through a smaller hole in bulk head wall, thanks to its 2-piece design.

*Our N connectors have a solid machined brass body and they are silver plated. We also rely on genuine Teflon dielectric and gold plated center pin for reliable connections.

*Keeping your convenience in mind, this component offers you easy installation for user friendly applications.

*Our two-piece type N connector male can accept LMR-400 coaxial cables. This is in addition to the more standard RG-8, RG-213, RG-214, Beldon 9913, etc. It can also be used for smaller diameter RG-58/U and RG-59/U with the UG-175/U and UG-176/U adapter sleeves.

We are also proud of the highest quality that comes with our other products like the F connector. After all, our excellence reflects in the fact that the Andros two-piece N connector is even being used on some antennas on the International Space Station! Visit us at to order any of our components and we shall get them delivered to your desired destination.