Andros’ F Connector Series for Impeccable Connecting Operations

The use of an F connector is vital in applications relating to TV signal distribution and transmission. As a result of this, the demand for quality components continues to expand. This is where Andros Manufacturing Corporation fills the void. Our manufacturing facility churns out products that are free of manufacturing defects and consistent in their quality. Whether the order is large or small, we have the capabilities and resources to cater to wide-ranging requirements.

The F connectors manufactured by Andros are renowned for their quality and durability and are compatible with the 3/8-32 thread specifications. If you are looking for a component that is capable of offering unwavering service to face the challenges needs of transmission and distribution environments, our F connector is the right product. We also provide a full range of other ancillary Davenport screw machine products to meet your various industrial applications.

There are several features of our F connectors that put us in a league ahead of the competition. For instance, we manufacture threaded connectors which provide you with superior functionality and grip. Our range of connectors also comes with a higher cylindrical coaxial contact that ensures improved RF performance and uncomplicated insertion/withdrawal characteristics. Since corrosion poses a threat to many connections, the products we offer are better equipped to resist corrosion and thus last longer. Besides, we can provide you with a male or female brass F connectors based on your specific needs.

Please visit to learn more about the other attributes of our products. The features we have discussed make our F connector range highly suited for applications including satellite, cable and terrestrial television, set top boxes, high speed cable modems and cable assemblies among others. You can also depend on us for other allied products and services relating to Davenport screw machine products.