Weatherproof and Durable Type N Connector Range from Andros

Andros Manufacturing Corporation manufactures N connectors that are made for mission-critical applications. For instance, our two-piece N connector is being on some antennas at the International Space Station! This is a reflection of our commitment to quality at every stage of the design and production process. Each component that we manufacture goes through a battery of tests to ensure that it passes our high standards.

Fitted with a weather-proof gasket, these connectors are suited for both outdoor as well as indoor use. We also offer a two-piece connector design that allows you to install them firmly even through a smaller hole in bulk head wall. When you use these connectors, the quality of connection will never be a reason for disappointment. The solid brass body of the connector is plated with silver and features a genuine Teflon dielectric. To further enhance the reliability of the connection, Andros plates the center pin with gold.

If you have worked with a PL-259 connector, it would be exceedingly easy for you to handle the N connector. Our connectors are compatible with a range of coaxial cables such as the LMR-400, RG-8, RG-213, RG-214, and Beldon 9913.

The users of our components such as the N and F connector belong to different sectors across the United States. Some common application areas include antennas, broadcasting, cable assemblies, and telecommunications. When it comes to an N connector, good simply isn’t enough. You need to use the very best. Please visit to find the finest products at the best prices.