Andros Mfg: Home to the Finest US-made F Connector Range

Andros Manufacturing Corporation is where some of the finest F Connectors come from. The hallmark of our connectors is the superior performance that doesn’t let you down even in the most demanding transmission and distribution applications.

We draw from our rich experience as a precision screw machine shop to manufacture an F connector range for the most discerning clientele. All of our durable connectors in this category are designed to meet 3/8-32 thread specifications.

We reinvest a significant part of our earnings into purchasing the latest machines and know-how. You, dear customer, stand to benefit directly from this expertise. Expect our coaxial connectors to offer you better grip and functionality, excellent insertion and withdrawal characteristics during installation, and unmatched resistance to corrosion and vibration.

We can manufacture brass F connector (male or female) to honor your specific requirements. With the proliferation of the electronics and transmission industry, there has been a growing demand for these connectors. Andros F connectors can be found on cable and satellite television, set top boxes, microphones, headphones, and audio systems all across the United States.

Every single aspect pertaining to F connector design and manufacturing is carried out in-house. This allows us to keep a check on every step—from design to prototype to manufacturing and testing. These connectors are a cost-effective answer to most standard transmission needs today.

Lets we forget to mention, by purchasing an F connector from Andros, you are also doing your bit in making the ‘Made in USA’ tag a reality once again! To discuss your next project with us, visit us at or speak with us at 585-663-5700.